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Back up

Fri Apr 12th, 2013

About six months ago the server that hosts this and a few other sites died. It is the first time I've actually burnt a motherboard out, and there was gunk all over it from a capacitor exploding. Contrary to assumptions, this did not send me to Nerdvana. Luckily it didn't affect the database, so all of the "stuff" for the site was still there, but the scanned images that were saved to disk were locked away on a hard drive that either may or may not have been permanently scarred. This is why there have been only broken image icons for all these months. It took a while, but about a month ago I put the drive in a USB drive that actually showed the directories on my computer (I had tried another hard drive dock around November or so, to no avail)! Instantly I copied everything off of it before any solar flares shot their electromagnetic radiation through my plans, and so far it all looks good.